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We have partnered with Impact to provide you with a market leading performance-advertising campaign. Performance advertising is simple; you receive large earnings for promoting high quality, unique products or services to your audience.

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Why work with us?

World Class Affiliate System

Using our Affiliate system, provided by Impact Radius, you can easily track how much money you’ve earned and every new customer in real time.

Generous Payouts

Webdock has some of the highest payouts to Affiliates in the industry. If you get us customers that stick around, you are well rewarded.

Your Own Account Manager

Webdock has a dedicated Account Manager responsible for helping you the Affiliate, succeed. Because our success depends on your success.



Sign up by completing a short application form with Impact.


Get your unique promotional links, codes and marketing material.


For every new paying customer you refer that sticks around and subscribes to our services, you will get paid.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligble to become an Affiliate?

Our affiliate program is free to join for anybody who has at least one channel and an audience that is aligned with our brand. Channels include, but are not limited to, Comparison Websites, Websites in general, YouTube, podcasts, and blogs. All affiliates must create an account through our partner, Impact Radius.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Each affiliate creates a custom account through an application form in Impact Radius that tracks their referrals in real time through unique links, banners or a promo code. Webdock affiliates can earn between 10€ and 60€ depending on what type of subscription the customer signs up for. We require the customer sticks around for the 90 day lock-in period, after which you will get paid.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid between 10€ and 60€ for any new customer you refer who remains a paying Webdock customer for at least 90 days. Affiliates will receive payouts attributed to the affiliate through their preferred payment method specified in Impact Radius. For full details please see the Contract which is displayed in full when you sign up as an Affiliate.

How can you offer such high payouts?

Hosting customers are hard to move around and tend to stick with the host they have found unless something bad happens. For that reason, our customers - as everywhere else in the industry - are typically quite loyal and are therefore quite valuable. We have decided to share a larger portion of the profits in order to better motivate well performing Affiliates.

Have questions? Need any help getting started?
Contact our dedicated Affiliate Program Manager

Björn Johannesson
Affiliate program manager
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