No Installation Required

Once you spin up a Webdock server with a LAMP or LEMP stack, no further action is required. Our Control panel just works and doesn't take up any space on your server.

Our Apache and Nginx stacks (LAMP/LEMP) come with everything you need pre-installed to run your Wordpress, Magento or whatever CMS system or web application you need to run.

Manage Shell Users, MySQL, PHP Settings, FTP users, Cron Jobs and much more in a snap using our world-class Web Server Control Panel. See all our Control Panel Docs


Free SSL Certificates

Get HTTPS security on your sites for free with Webdock using our Lets Encrypt integration. If you are paying for your certificates today, maybe it's time for a change...

Webdock Perfect Server Stacks come with Certbot pre-installed and you can easily generate and re-generate SSL Certificates for your website using the Webdock Web Server Control Panel.


Free Backup Snapshots

Webdock provides more backup snapshots than most. With 2 daily and 3 weekly full-server snapshots in addition to your own 3 snapshot slots for each server, you have plenty of history to roll back to.

Restoring a snapshot to a live server is snappy with minimal downtime and can be done easily in the Webdock Control Panel. Simply choose which snapshot to restore and your server will be reloaded with that snapshot. You can even create new servers based on any server snapshot.


Free Transactional Emailing

Webdock offers free transactional emailing with Postmark. Take advantage of bulletproof delivery and the awesome reporting of Postmark to keep track of all your outgoing mail. We pick up the bill.

Simply add and validate your domain (using DNS records) on our easy to use email management screen and you will receive an API key for Postmark which can also be used for SMTP mailing. If you are running a Wordpress site, simply install the Postmark plugin for Wordpress and paste your API key and now all your emails sent from your site will be managed by Postmark. Easy!


Free Email Forwarding

Webdock offers free email forwarding with ImprovMX. If you don't need a fully fledged mailbox, this is a quick and easy way to start receiving emails on your domain(s)

Simply add and validate your domain (using DNS records) on our easy to use email management screen and you will now be able to add email address forwarding rules for your domain


Free Bot Protection

We offer free Bot Protection with Botguard which enables you to protect your website from malicious bots, crawlers, scrapers, and hacker attacks.

Simply add a domain you want to protect on the Botguard management screen and install the Botguard plugin for your web server or CMS system. Once set up, you can manage rules and monitor bot traffic in the Webdock Control Panel.

star5 Very intuitive!

“Along with WebDock, I've used a number of VPS providers. With its very simple setup and reasonable pricing, really impressed me. Its soo intuitive! Everything just works right out of the box, and the web interface is great for situations where you need to access SSH while you're on the go but can't ordinarily use SSH-terminal.Anybody who needs a VPS should check out A wonderful experience all around.”

Yeasin Mollik

More Control Panel Features


Easy MySQL and PHP Management

Manage your MySQL database with ease and access it with PHPMyAdmin in a single click. Edit common PHP settings in a snap.

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Manage files with FTP or our Web File Manager

Add edit and remove FTP users and connect easily or just deploy our Web File Manager and edit your files directly in your browser.

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NodeJS, Composer, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Gi...

NodeJS, Composer, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Git and Python/pip are among the packages already pre-installed on your Webdock Perfect server.

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Install, Manage and Secure your Wordpress

You can 1-click install Wordpress using our Control Panel and even keep it secure by locking it down in order to prevent almost all possible hacks.

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Auto deployments
using our API

Webdock has a fully featured API interface so you can automate workflows or query your servers for information whenever you need it.

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Seamless up- and

You can at any time up- or downgrade your VPS server easily in our Control Panel depending on what performance you are looking for, for your particular Web Application.

You Don’t Just Get
An Awesome Control Panel

You Get A Team Of Experts
Transparent, honest and competent support

At Webdock we pride ourselves in providing world-class support and actually solving your problems. You can be certain that if you need our help you will be met with a smile and a high level of expertize. We will do our very best to solve your problem for you outright or at the very least assist you in figuring it out, whatever it may be.

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