Trials and Trial periods

Last updated: April 30th 2023

All servers are free up to 24 hours after you create them

Your first charge for a server only happens the morning after you created it. This gives you great flexibility in that you can start a server, try something out and then delete it again and not have to pay a dime! You only pay for servers you keep running. Learn more about how all that works on our Billing & Pricing page.

You can usually get a coupon to get you started if you ask nicely

We run coupon promotions where we give out free credit frequently, so if you search around a bit or just ask Webdock support directly, chances are we will be able to hand out a coupon for some free server time :)

A valid credit card is always required!

In order to qualify for any trial or credit however, you absolutely must have a valid credit card and up-to-date information in your account. So make sure you add a card to your account first as you cannot receive credit or apply coupons or take advantage of our "up to 24 hour trial".

Expiry Credits will Expire all Trial Credits in your account once they run out

Trial credit expiry means we deactivate all free credit in your account, even old coupon codes with free credits you may have added in the past. We believe  that if you activate a 30 day trial you must have had plenty of time to trial our service, and once the 30 day trial period is over, it is time to decide if you want to stay with us. We thank you for testing our service for so long and we hope we lived up to expectations and that you will consider staying with us as a customer moving forward.

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