Trials and Trial periods

Last updated: November 10th 2022

All servers are free up to 24 hours after you create them

Your first charge for a server only happens the morning after you created it. This gives you great flexibility in that you can start a server, try someting out and then delete it again and not have to pay a dime! You only pay for servers you keep running. Learn more about how all that works on our Billing & Pricing page.

You can usually get a coupon to get you started if you ask nicely

We run coupon promotions where we give out free credit frequently, so if you search around a bit or just ask Webdock support directly, chances are we will be able to hand out a coupon for some free server time :)

You can leave us a nice review for more credit!

Leave us a review at a number of sites and you can get credit directly applied to your account.

A valid credit card is always required!

In order to qualify for any trial or credit however, you absolutely must have a valid credit card and up to date information in your account. So make sure you add a card to your account first as you cannot recieve credit or apply coupons or take advantage of our "up to 24 hour trial".

  • Enter the coupon code GETFASTVPSNOW after signing up and get 5 Euro credit added to your account and experience our awesome VPS hosting for free.
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