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Last updated: October 26th 2021

We have a range of add-on products which you can order from Webdock for your VPS instance. This page contains up-to-date pricing for all our add-on products. If you want to order an add-on, please be in touch with Webdock Support.

All prices shown on this page are excluding VAT

Upgrading or Downgrading your Server

You can upgrade or downgrade your server yourself instantly - and without downtime - in the Webdock Control Panel. Simply click on the main menu for your server and click on the Up/Downgrade menu item. This will take you to the Change Hardware Profile wizard where you can change your server profile in a snap.

Additional / Reserved IP Addresses

All profiles come with a /112 IPv6 range which should be enough for most purposes. If you require more IPv4 addresses for your instance however, you can order these from Webdock Support. We do not set any upper limit on the number of IPv4 addresses you can order, as long as you conform to RIPE / ARIN guidelines.

  • 1x Additional IPv4 address is €1.75 /Month

You can reserve an IP address (e.g. if you suspend a server and want to keep the associated IP for later use.

  • 1x Reserved IPv4 address is €1.75 /Month

Additional Uplink Speeds

We now offer additional uplink speeds but in our North America (Montreal) datacenter only. You pay for each additional Gbit you want added to your port speed and you can have a maximum of 5Gbit total. There are no bandwidth limitations and no additional charges for throughput.

  •  €20 /Gbit /Month (Maximum of 5Gbit total, North America Only)

You pay for your additional port speed whether you use the additional uplink speed or not.

When ordering you must inform Webdock support of the purpose of this increase in port speed. The use must fall within allowed use as per our Terms of Service and must not be considered "abusive".

Private Network

Webdock can set up a completely private /24 subnet within a single region for your VPS servers. Once the private subnet has been set up, it has to be activated for each server where you want the private network to be available. Please specify which servers in your account should be able to access the private net when you order this service.

  •  €20 One-Off Setup Fee per Private Network

In the future if you create new VPS servers which should be able to access this subnet you need to write Webdock support so we can activate it for you. Your VPS servers will be able to claim any IP address on the private /24 and you will also receive a matching private IPv6 range.

Network Traffic Overage for Limited Profiles

If you are on a profile that has limited transfer /month we will charge you as follows:

  • € 2.50 /TB transfer

Overage charges are settled automatically the 1st of each month for the previous month. If you use a lot of overage, we may recommend you upgrade to a larger profile which has unlimited traffic or we start charging you up-front for expected overage / month.

You can keep an eye on total traffic usage in your Webdock dashboard. If you go over your allowance you will receive an alert by email. We will not throttle or limit the bandwidth of your connection.

Additional Storage

Webdock offers two flavors of additional storage at the moment

  • On-Board HDD backed Storage mounted in a directory of your choosing (minimum of 10GB) - This cannot be used to expand your root / !
    €0.075 /Month /GB

    - Please refer to our dedicated ordering page for details
  • Expanding your SSD root storage volume (minimum of 5GB)
    € 0.125 /Month /GB

If you want us to expand your root volume SSD storage, the current upper limit is 500 GB total storage. In order to scale your disk independently of our standard profiles we need to do so manually, so please get in touch with Webdock Support

If you need more than our current upper limit, please be in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Additional RAM

You can add RAM to any Webdock profile up to a total maximum of 128 GiB

  • Additional RAM added to any profile
    €0.75 /Month /GiB

If you want us to augment your RAM limit on your server we need to do so manually, so please get in touch with Webdock Support

If you need more than our current upper limit, please be in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Bespoke amounts of Bandwidth or CPU

We do not have standardized pricing for custom tweaking of network uplinks or number of CPU threads at the moment. If you feel our standard profiles do not meet your specific needs, please be in touch with Webdock Support and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Additional Suspended Servers

Suspended Servers are servers which are put in cold storage and which you do not have to pay for.. All Webdock accounts come with 3 suspended server slots included free of charge. Suspended servers are kept indefinitely untill the day you need them. There is no restriction on the disk image size of your suspended server. If you need more than the included 3 suspended server slots in your account, the current rate is

  •  €2 /Additional Suspended Server /Month 

You pay for your additional suspended server slot(s) whether you decide to use them or not.

Custom Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Please refer to our dedicated page for information on pricing and SLA terms.

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