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Last updated: November 10th 2022

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How we charge your account and issue refunds

Webdock operates with a fairly unique pricing and billing structure.

  • All Profiles have a fixed monthly price
  • If you delete a server or cancel a service, we will only charge you up until - and including - the day you deleted the server. Any payment already made in advance will be refunded automatically. The refund may in some cases incur a small cancellation fee in order to cover the proportionate Stripe transaction fee charged when issuing the refund. If you paid for the service with Account Service Credits, these will be returned to your Account Balance and not to the financial instrument (credit card or Paypal account) used, as Service Credits themselves are non-refundable.
  • There are no charges for bandwidth overage on all our free bandwidth profiles. Truly free traffic. We will never charge you any additional fees for traffic if it is for legitimate and above-board purposes (see below). We will send you warning emails when there is unusually high usage though, in case your server has been compromised.
  • If you are on a bandwidth limited profile (such as SSD Nano4) you will be charged for any overage in a given month on the next invoice we process. Read More.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

We make the first charge for your server the morning after you created it where we charge you for the remainder of the current month. We then charge every subsequent 1st of the month for a full month up-front. That way, moving forward, you know you will always be billed by Webdock on the first of the month and not some arbitrary date.

You receive an invoice for all billable services in your account, by mail, and your credit card is charged the same day.

  • If the credit card charge fails, we will notify you and retry automatically up to 6 times over the course of 6 days.
  • If you do not provide a valid credit card or make a payment in Service Credits to cover the cost of services, your server(s) will be stopped and you will be unable to restart them nor provision new ones.
  • Once you update your credit card information or provide payment your account will immediately be reactivated.
  • If you do not update your credit card information, we will issue a final warning 1 week after our last payment retry and if you do not react, your servers will be deleted and your account will be suspended after a review by a human (we never auto-delete servers).

If you have any problems regarding billing, please be in touch

What we mean by legitimate and above-board purposes w/regards to Bandwidth overage

We have for a long time now had a truly free traffic policy with no bandwidth overage charges. This is really meant to alleviate any concerns a regular web hosting customers might have.

We want to get rid of arbitrary bandwidth limits and onerous overage charges. You should not have to worry about if you use 100, 200 GiB or even 1 TiB of bandwidth if your website is really popular. 

However we have seen and have gotten requests from potential clients which wanted to use our services with the explicit purpose of taking advantage of this policy. I.e. not really hosting anything on our servers, but rather using them to ingest and/or broadcast vast amounts of data on the order of Terabytes/month. Webdock is really not designed for this, and as we do in fact pay for bandwidth in our datacenters this is not something which works for us and can gunk up the works for everybody else on our infrastructure.

For that reason, if you are in doubt whether your high-bandwidth workload is something we will allow, please be in touch with support where you describe your workload in as much detail as you can and we will give you a clear answer.  For a list of services and workloads which are explicitly disallowed on Webdock, please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

If my Webdock server is powered off, do I still get billed?

Yes. We maintain your data and backups, and reserve your IPv4 address and ability to use resources such as RAM etc. even when your server is powered off - therefore you are still billed for the server. If you want to avoid paying for the server, you can suspend it (thereby freeing up your IP address and other resources) or delete it.

As a business you can get free development servers

As a business or agency you might need a pool of servers purely for short-term development purposes. Webdock offers free servers for eligible businesses who have large enough volume with us. Be in touch with Webdock support for more information.

  • Get 25 EUR free credit just for signing up.
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