All servers are free for up to 24 hours.
Why not try out Webdock?

We run our billing job once a day, and untill then you can try one or more servers for free. If you haven't added a credit card before then, we will automatically stop your server and remind you by email that you need to add a Credit Card to your account. The billing job will run in about 9 hours

Real users, real words
Free transactional email from Postmark? Absolutely love your rock bottom prices! You guys are killing it! You've built something really really cool here.
- Pratheek, India
You all seem to be really on top of your game
- Alexander, Spain
Honestly i've tried like 5 different hosting companies today and yours was the best, you have the most intuitive GUI and start up was the fastest.
- Hayden, Canada
How have I never heard of you? This is awesome!
- Tobias, USA
Quality, Security & performance, 1 push of a button.. Webdock gives it all! Even their customer support has a high performance
- Yoram, Netherlands