HostAdvice Research: VPS vs. Dedicated Server: Which One Should You Use?

Last updated: January 4th 2023


Our friends at HostAdvice have contributed this article which outlines the differences between a Dedicatd server and a VPS server and provides helpful guidance on which to choose.

If you have moved past shared hosting and have outgrown the limited resources it offers, it might be time to move on to better (and bigger) things. In this case, upgrading to a VPS or a Dedicated Server is your next step. But which one should you use? Which is the better option? What is the difference between the two? Let’s find out!

What Is VPS?

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server and is a hosting service where each user on that server gets their own dedicated (private) resources, even though they share the server with others. In other words, it is similar to shared hosting in the way that it houses multiple users on one server. However, since everyone gets their own resources, they are not affected by each other and live separately on the server. A VPS is the perfect gateway between shared (the cheapest) and dedicated (the most expensive) hosting services. Also, it is affordable and much more powerful than shared hosting. 

Most VPS hosting providers divide the resources of their servers by using a hypervisor to create virtual machines for each user on that server. In other words, they use specialized technology to separate their server’s resources and isolate each user from one another. 

With a VPS, you can get much more power and security than with shared hosting. Also, you can have complete control over your site via root access and install whichever operating system and applications you want. Furthermore, this type of hosting is much more scalable and customizable than shared hosting while also being much more affordable than most Dedicated Servers. 

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is what it sounds like – it means that you get the whole server to yourself and won’t share it with anyone else. So, instead of getting a part of the server like you would with a VPS, you will get the whole thing. 

The way this usually works is that you rent a whole server from a web hosting provider and use it to host all your websites and other content on it. You get the whole server to yourself and get complete control over the physical hardware and software on the server. That means that not only can you choose your OS and applications, but you can also choose the processors your server runs on and more. For example, if you like Intel processors more than AMD ones, you can get those for your server instead of having to go with the ones your provider offers. 

Dedicated servers offer much more power, security, privacy, and customization opportunities than a VPS and are also much more costly. Also, they are a much more flexible option and offer the ultimate level of power that a web hosting service can offer. Furthermore, dedicated servers offer top-tier performance and are usually much faster than VPS ones because they only house one user, and all the power goes to them and them alone. 

What Are the Differences Between VPS vs. Dedicated Server?

Some of the main differences between VPS and dedicated servers include:

  • Cost – as we mentioned, dedicated servers are much more expensive than VPS ones and can set you back at least a couple of hundred dollars a month. 
  • Resources – with dedicated servers, you will get as many resources as you like, and you can upgrade them as much as you want. Of course, you can get a huge number of resources with a VPS too, but you will usually be met with a limit of how much you can upgrade them, which is not the case with dedicated servers. 
  • Security – even though both solutions come with enhanced security features, dedicated servers offer a higher level of protection because you don’t share them with anyone else.
  • Scalability – you can grow at a much steadier and more affordable pace with a VPS compared to with a dedicated server. Namely, you can add resources one by one as you need them instead of getting everything at once and having to pay for it even if you don’t use it. However, as we mentioned, you can only grow so much with a VPS since you will always hit a limit, whereas with a dedicated server – the sky’s the limit.

Numerous web hosting providers offer both VPS and dedicated servers, among other hosting services. For example, you get both a VPS and your own dedicated server with Webdock (coming soon), which is one of the best VPS and overall hosting providers on the market! All of its hosting services come with excellent support, performance, and scalable resources. Also, the provider allows you to choose among many price options and includes enhanced security features in all of them. You can host your site from three continents, host your sites on fast, scalable Linux Cloud VPS servers, take advantage of powerful Intel Xeon processors with up to 30 threads+ and much more with Webdock.  

So, Which One Should You Use?

Both solutions are excellent and can help you host multiple power-driven sites and web applications. But how will you know whether you need one over the other? Well, let’s break it down.
VPS hosting is best for those who want to host websites with medium-level traffic, like online stores, corporate sites, and enterprise apps. It is also ideal for creating and hosting gaming servers, creating and hosting websites for others, and more. VPS hosting is usually more than enough for most individuals and businesses since it offers excellent flexibility, performance, and affordable prices. 

On the other hand, dedicated servers are ideal for larger businesses that have more than 500 employees and manage huge amounts of data. Also, suppose you run a business that contains databases, hundreds of eCommerce transactions every hour, and a larger supply/inventory chain. In that case, a dedicated server is the better option for you. Furthermore, a dedicated server is a much better option for those who want complete control over their server’s hardware, software, and everything in between. 

Last Words

When choosing whether to get a VPS or a dedicated server, the most important thing to consider is, of course, what you want to host. For instance, if you run a medium-sized site like an online store or a corporate site, then a VPS is excellent for you. Also, a VPS is usually the better choice for everyone that needs something more powerful but doesn’t need the power of an entire server to host their site. On the other hand, a dedicated server is ideal for larger enterprises that have hundreds of employees and handles huge amounts of data on a daily basis. 

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