Getting Started with the Android App

Last updated: February 14th 2021


Webdock has an Android mobile application which you can download in order to manage your VPS server on the go. With our Android App you can perform all the typical actions you may need in order to manage your VPS including Easy Shell (SSH) Access to your server(s) with ConnectBot (requires you install the ConnectBot App)

Manage your Servers, Public Keys, Scripts, Shell Users, view Events and Statistics and much more. Everything you need to get stuff done with Webdock on the road!

Get it on Google Play

Logging in to the Webdock Android App

The first time you use our app you need to log in using an API key. You can get hold of your API key in the following way:

  1. Log in to your Webdock Account
  2. Go to Account in the main menu and scroll down until you see the API & Integrations card
  3. Click on the context menu at the bottom of the card (the three dots) and select Create API Token
  4. Click on "I want to create a mobile app token"
  5. Follow the instructions on-screen

You should only really need to do this once and your Webdock Android App will keep you logged in with your token.

If you loose your phone in the future you can revoke the App Token in the Webdock dashboard.

Using the Android App

The Android App should be relatively self-explanatory and should remind you a lot of how our dashboard works. If and when customers ask for help with our App we will update the page here with any relevant information.

Known Issues

At the moment we have a couple of known UI issues which we will address in a future release

  1. It is not always clear when an operation has completed
    As Webdock is asynchronous in nature, you may be tempted to think an operation has completed if you are just looking at the app. We recommend you refresh the Events screen a few times in order to make sure something you just started has completed.
  2. It is still a bit cumbersome to get SSH access
    As the app is designed now there are a bit too many steps you need to go through in order to connect with SSH. We hope to improve on these workflows in future versions of the app

For more information on how to connect with SSH to your servers via. the app, please see our article on the subject here