How to run network speed tests on your Webdock server

Last updated: May 24th 2024


This mini-article outlines instructions on how to run and get accurate network speed test results for your Webdock server.


  • A Webdock cloud instance (a distro that Webdock supports)
  • You have SSH access to your VPS.

Running speed tests

We have seen many users installing the speedtest-cli apt package to run speed tests. But that package is quite outdated and most often outputs inaccurate results. To fix this you can install the CLI provided by Ookla.

Head over to the Ookla CLI page and install it on your server based on your server’s operating system.

Then run the below command and hit yes to the prompts. Right after that, the speed test begins.

$ speedtest

By default, the closest test server will be chosen. Sometimes speedtest can be pretty bad at picking the closest server and may pick something which is actually quite far away.

If you want you can list what speedtest thinks are the closest servers and check that. Simply run the speedtest command with the -L flag to view the closest servers.

$ speedtest -L

The output will be similar to this:

Closest servers:

    ID  Name                           Location             Country
 27370  Norlys                         Kolding              Denmark
 47805  Cloud Factory A/S              Kolding              Denmark
  4435  Waoo                           Skanderborg          Denmark
  8763  TDC Group                      Tranbjerg            Denmark
 39781  Altibox AS                     Ikast                Denmark
  9062 A/S                Tønder               Denmark
  4556  TNG Stadtnetz GmbH             Kiel                 Germany
 51706  Osted Nettet ApS               Osted                Denmark
 29351  Tune Kabelnet                  Tune                 Denmark
 59153  Fiberby ApS                    Taastrup             Denmark

Then you can run the speed test by selecting a specific speed test server by its ID. For example:

$ speedtest --server-id 51706

For other flags, you can see the help section of the speedtest package (run speedtest -h to view help information).

Recommended speedtest servers

During testing, we have found a few reliable test servers that give accurate speed test results. We recommend running speed tests using these test server IDs.


$ speedtest --server-id 11530
$ speedtest --server-id 8763
$ speedtest --server-id 4435​​​​

An alternative

As an alternative, you can also run the speed tests using iperf.

Execute the below command:

$ curl -sL | bash -s -- -fg

The script runs speed tests against multiple speed test servers across the globe.

The above command is strictly limited to network speed tests. Have a look at this GitHub repo if you want to run CPU, disk r/w tests, and other things.


This article outlined instructions on how to run network speed tests and get accurate test results.

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