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"We're a digital agency hosting 90+ client sites on Webdock, our backbone for security, backup, and maintenance. Webdock offers extensive documentation, easy server creation, and suits all experience levels. It provides excellent server monitoring, valuable services, and top-notch customer support, delivering exceptional value."

Our Features

Amazing Web Server Control Panel.
No Installation Required.

Check out our short presentation of our control panel.

Easy & Quick Provisioning

See how quick and easy it is to provision a server with completely custom hardware configuration and which images we support.

Free Web Server Control Panel

Get a tour of our Dashboard and see how you can quickly and easily access your server and view server metrics.

Awesome Features

Get an insight into our featureset and all the great management features which are included for free with your Webdock server.

Simple Scalable Feature Packed Cloud

Try an easy but infinitely flexible and effective Cloud designed for Teams, built for Developers, usable by Novices and understandable by your Grandmother.

Stop paying for a VPS and a Control Panel

The Webdock Control Panel paired with our Perfect Server Stacks can do anything cPanel / Laravel Forge / Runcloud / Plesk / SpinupWP / AAPanel / Ploi / Gridpane / Serverpilot at no additional cost!

Predictable Low Pricing, Amazing Free Services Included, Easy to Resell, Universally Loved and Supported by Experts.

Stop worrying about unpredictable Cloud Pricing and stop worrying about your Cloud infrastructure. Just spin up a server, upload your application and rest easy knowing everything "Just Works"

We built our Cloud from scratch. We are building our own Datacenter

Webdock is a 100% bootstrapped Danish (EU-Based) company and we are not piggy-backing off somebody else's cloud. That means we are 100% GDPR compliant, eco-focused, fully flexible and in full control of our own hardware. We can deliver Managed Hosting and amazing support on any facet of our infrastructure and Web Services

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Simplified All-Inclusive Flat-Fee Pricing

At Webdock you only pay for the hardware you use, there is no additional fee for our Control panel

from $2.15/mo

Xeon® Cloud VPS Hosting

  • 24 Hour Free Trial
  • Intel Xeon® CPUs
  • Enterprise Reliability & Performance
  • Enterprise grade hardware
  • Awesome Control Panel
  • Epic Support
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from $3.99/mo

Ryzen® Cloud VPS Hosting

  • 24 Hour Free Trial
  • Water-cooled AMD Ryzen® CPUs
  • Amazing single-thread performance
  • Super-fast NVMe Drives
  • Awesome Control Panel
  • Epic Support
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Free Stuff Included

Free Services Included in any Profile costing $5.99 or more

Transactional Emailing

Webdock offers free transactional emailing with Postmark. Take advantage of bulletproof delivery and the awesome reporting of Postmark to keep track of all outgoing mail.

Email Forwarding

Webdock offers free email forwarding with ImprovMX. If you don't need a fully fledged mailbox, this is a quick and easy way to start receiving emails on your domain(s).

Bot Protection

We offer free Bot Protection with Botguard which enables you to protect your website from malicious bots, crawlers, scrapers, and hacker attacks.

WP Management

You can 1-click install Wordpress using our Control Panel and even keep it secure by locking it down in order to prevent almost all possible hacks.

Freedom to create the
VPS Server you want!

Fully Flexible VPS Servers

With Webdock you can create almost any VPS profile you want with the exact amount of RAM, Disk, CPU and Network Speed you want. You can change any hardware resource at any time, almost instantly and usually without any downtime except for a quick reboot of your server if changing CPU allocation.

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There are more FREE Services
and Features Included!

You get more stuff for free with Webdock than anywhere else.


We can host just about anything

Webdock is a universal cloud, but our tooling and workflow is optimized for

Webdock is built for Teams

Managing Lots of Servers/ Sites

Webdock is built for teams managing lots of sites and servers. We make it easy to manage permissions and keep an audit log of who did what and when. We have a dedicated interface to set up planned actions for servers and you can easily add metadata and work notes to servers.

We make it easy to get an overview of all your servers and sites, check resource utilization across all your servers and export relevant information from our platform.

Simply put, Webdock is designed from the ground-up to facilitate easy server management across teams and organizations.

You get a Team of Experts out of the box

We provide amazing support and custom SLAs

At Webdock we pride ourselves in providing world-class support and actually solving your problems. You can be certain that if you need our help you will be met with a smile and a high level of expertise. We will do our very best to solve your problem for you outright or at the very least assist you in figuring it out, whatever it may be.

If you have any issues or have pre-sales questions feel free to reach out to us using our chat - we are usually very quick to respond :) If you want to learn more about our custom SLA options, click here

We make GDPR easy

Webdock is fully GDPR compliant

Webdock is GDPR fully compliant and we provide supporting documents for further insight into our Data Protection practices. Webdock has a Data Protection Agreement available in our dashboard which you can generate/obtain in your Account Area once signed up.

You can also easily generate an example DPA for use between you and your clients in case you are reselling our products.

GDPR compliance with your hosting and towards your clients has never been easier.

We want to make it Easy To Resell

You should start making recurring revenue from the sites and applications you develop for your clients!

If you are not already marking up hosting towards your clients (they call you if something breaks anyway, right?) you should consider doing so with Webdock.

You can already now resell our services without issue, but we have many reseller oriented features in our pipeline such as white-labeled login for your clients and more fine-grained restrictions on what they can and cannot do with a server, billing automation and more.

Easy and Reliable Snapshots

Free Archived Servers Included

We built our backup and restore mechanism so “nothing can go wrong” by doing full-server backups and not relying on filesystem snapshots or backup chains. Webdock provides more backup snapshots for free than most other providers with 2 daily and 3 weekly full-server snapshots in addition to your own 3 snapshot slots for each server.

Restoring a snapshot to a live server is snappy with minimal downtime. You can even create new servers based on any server snapshot in your account - handy for quick troubleshooting or staging websites!

We even include a number of free Archived Servers which are servers which are put in cold storage and which you do not have to pay for. Archived servers are kept indefinitely until the day you need them.

We built this Cloud from scratch

We are building our own Datacenter in Denmark

Webdock is a 100% bootstrapped company and we have been in business since late 2019. We have grown tremendously over the last few years and have consistently managed to scale our infrastructure and platform to meet demand.

We built our software and hardware stack from scratch for maximum control, speed and scalability. We are currently in co-location with our own servers, network equipment and IP ranges.

We are in the process of building our very own Datacenter in Denmark, which will be our new EU Hub Location moving forward.

Webdock currently operates its own hardware and software stack in co-location with leading DC providers.

Webdock operates its own IP blocks according to RIPE / ARIN guidelines.

Webdock is a Limited Liability Company registered in Denmark. VAT-ID: DK40630015


100% Green Cloud Hosting Provider

We use 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind and sea.

Green Energy

We make sure all our electricity utilization is supplied by renewable sources such as solar, hydro or wind energy.

Green Hardware

We purchase refurbished hardware whenever possible in order to drastically lower our carbon footprint.

Green Focus

We continuously seek to find new ways of reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint by utilizing the latest technologies when possible.

Green Purpose

We are a Stripe Climate Member and we donate 1% of all our revenue to carbon removal.

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