Datacenter certifications and green energy

Last updated: May 5th 2021

Webdock datacenter in Finland is CO2 Neutral

green energyThe Webdock datacenter in Finland obtains 100% of their electricity from carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydro and wind power.

In addition, all hardware components are carefully selected for optimum energy efficiency. Webdock uses recycled/refurbished hardware whenever possible without compromising quality or performance.

Our Dallas Datacenter is Green

The power grid in Texas has a variety of energy sources, which includes a big deal of renewable and alternative fuels, including hydropower, solar, wind, biomass and geothermal. Actually. Texas is one of the states in the US with the most wind generating capacity. More specifically, the city of Dallas uses the most renewable energy of any city in the US, thanks to efforts that the city has made over the past few years to increase the amount of energy coming from renewable resources, such as solar and wind, for city operations as well as residential and commercial customers.

Datacenter Certifications

Our datacenter in Finland has a DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Our datacenters are in highly secure facilities with redundant backup Battery and Diesel power.

Our datacenters have private peering with most major providers, and provide DDOS protection at the datacenter-level.

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