Additional Block storage - €0.075/GiB /Month
You can now order HDD-backed block storage for your VPS.
  • Storage is HDD backed local 6Gb/sec SATA storage which is faster than typical Network Attached Storage, but slower than your server SSD
  • Storage is not IOPS or throughput/bandwidth limited
  • Storage will be mounted on a directory of your choosing
  • You can have multiple volumes mounted. Please submit seperate requests if you want multiple volumes.
  • Storage is on a redundant RAID array and backed up hourly
  • Order volumes ranging from 10 GiB to 15 TiB 
Only available for servers in the EU


Please note: Our HDD backed block storage is backed up hourly with hourly snapshots going back 36 hours and daily snapshots going back 3 months. These are seperate from your main server SSD volume snapshots. This means that if you grab a snapshot of your server and provision it elsewhere your additional storage volume does not follow. If you do a rollback your additional storage volume will be left untouched and only the server itself is rolled back.


If you need to restore a snapshot of your additional storage volume, you will need to be in touch with Webdock Support as this cannot be managed in our Control Panel.

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