DK Datacenter Update Q1 2024

Last updated: February 7th 2024


As you can see, we are still very much in the construction and setting-up phase but all of the core components of the DC are now in place and it's all "just" finishing up work, wiring and all the myriad details we have yet to do.

We expect to go live in April

As things are looking now we are on-track for a go-live date in April. As mentioned in earlier news updates, all customers in Finland will be migrated to the new DK DC. You will be updated with details in a timely manner once the go-live date nears.

Thank you for your patience

Believe us: We would have loved to be done with the facility sooner, but some good things cannot be rushed. We'd rather take our time and get every detail right, rather than rush to completion.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to get started with this.!

Best Regards

Arni Johannesson, CEO

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