Webdock DK-DC1 Datacenter is now live!

Last updated: May 24th 2024

We have now finally completed all of our lengthy shakedown testing and changes to our platform stack required for our new datacenter in Denmark to go live. This project has been a long time coming as some of you may know. We started building our DC more than 1 year ago and the process has been fraught with delays and many challenges.

All of these have now been overcome and we are very happy to announce that you can now create servers in our brand new DC.!

Denmark DC replaces the Finland DC

It is no longer possible to create instances in our old location in Finland. Any new servers must be created in Denmark.

Huge Improvements in hardware and networking

The Denmark DC has a lot of benefits over our old Finland location, namely really good network connectivity and really great hardware. In fact, most of our Xeon users should see up to 30%+ better CPU speeds and now all instances are provisioned on fast NvME drives.

Complete rebuild of our snapshots and backup infrastructure

Not only will your instance run faster in Denmark and have better network (with free DOS protection from Voxility) you can now enjoy almost instant snapshotting and much faster backup operations in general.

Migrations will start happening soon ...

If you are a customer in Finland currently, you have already been informed that we will start migrations this week. If you haven't already booked a time for the migration, feel free to do so now as we will not be accepting further bookings from Monday onwards. Go to this link to book a free time slot for your migration: https://appointments.vps.webdock.cloud/

If you do not book a time, you will be migrated on a first-come first-serve basis at some random time in the coming two weeks.

Do you want to be migrated already now?

We are able to migrate instances already now, so if you want to get up and running quickly in Denmark and don't care about the specific time of migration, simply write Webdock support in our chat providing your server name and we will put you on a priority list.

You can also migrate your server(s) yourself today, if you don't mind getting a new IP address

You can actually go ahead and spin up your server(s) on the new DK infrastructure today, if you want. All you have to do is create a server in Denmark from a snapshot in your account, and your server will be spun up in Denmark. For large servers it may take a while to stream all the data from Finland to Denmark, but your machine will come up on the fast new infrastructure with a new IP address assigned. 

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