New Support System: Intercom

Last updated: January 12th 2023

Why are you seeing this page?

You probably followed a link belonging to our old Support System, OSTicket. This system was getting super old and cumbersome for us as a team, and worst of all: We could not update it in any meaningful way.

In December 2022 OSTicket finally broke. We were alerted by a customer that they believed the system was broken and not picking up on new tickets from our mailbox which we have hosted with Google.

Despite our best efforts, we could not get things working again. Fortunately we were somewhat prepared as we had already been looking at a new Support System ...

Introducing Intercom: No ticket threads online (yet)

Although Intercom does not have an online portal you can log in to and view your full ticket thread (yet) it is a much more modern system which is being actively developed so we hope they will add this in the future.

We really like it as support agents and we hope that you will be happy with our speedy replies as always.

And as usual: If you have any questions or comments, please be in touch with Webdock Support.

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