Major Infrastructure Upgrade in North America

Last updated: September 13th 2021


We are very excited to announce that we have just rolled out our new and much-improved infrastructure in North America. This means that you will, as an existing customer, automatically be migrated to this new infrastructure. This change is a big step forward and means you will not only receive a not insignificant hardware upgrade, you will be able to reap the benefits of our vastly enhanced flexibility in our underlying networking and hardware infrastructure.

Action is required: You will be receiving new IP addresses for your server(s)

Before you read on and learn about all the awesome benefits the new infrastructure gives you, there is an important procedure which will happen first. As we need to migrate our existing Dallas, Texas customers from the old to the new infrastructure you will receive new IP addresses (Ipv4 and IPv6) in addition to your old IP addres which will still work for 15 days after the migration.

We have scheduled the migration to happen this Thursday, September 16th. Once all users have been migrated, you will receive a notification email from us. On the day we will post updates on our status page at

Your old IPv4 and IPv6 address will work for 15 days once your server has been migrated, or until October 1st. This means you will have two addresses that point to your server in the interim.

In all practicality what will happen is that we will migrate your server in one of two ways:

  1. Without any downtime whatsoever but with the possibility of your data going out of synch
  2. The default: With minor downtime (1 to 2 minutes) but without your data going out of synch

If you prefer option #1 please email with a list of servers which should be migrated without downtime.

We will then perform the migration and assign your new IP addresses to your server. 

You will need to update all relevant DNS records so they point to the new IP addresses within 15 days.

The fact that you will have two sets of IP addresses that point to your server for a period will have no SEO impact whatsoever.

For more detailed information on the migration process, click here.

You can migrate your server yourself already today!

If you don't mind a little downtime, and you can update your DNS records yourself, then you can quite easily migrate your server to the new infrastructure already today, and don't have to wait for your turn in the migration process. In order to move your server, simply:

  1. Suspend your server
    - This allows you to keep all settings and data in Webdock as-is (with the exception of monitoring which you may need to re-enable)
  2. Please make sure all the suspension operation steps have completed 100%, after which Provision a new server from the suspended snapshot on our new Montreal, Canada infrastructure
  3. Update your DNS records

  4. If you have set up ImprovMX or Postmark, repeat the setup procedure. Just go through the initial setup steps and wait for the verification email to arrive.  You should only need to update the Postmark DKIM DNS record.  If you get a message that the domain already exist, contact Webdock support and we will sort you out.

You will never pay "too much"  doing this - as soon as you suspend your original server you will be refunded in full for any server time you have already paid for - and when you create the new server a new billing period starting the day after begins

You are getting a hardware upgrade and performance boost!

All our profiles are receiving an upgrade across all metrics which result in a tangible difference in pageviews / second. Here we list which of our new profiles your server will be migrated to based on which profile you have today in Dallas. The profiles which will see a change in pricing is the smallest profile, SSD 2/5GB which has an increase in price of €1 to €5 and the largest profile SSD 18/120GB which will get a €4 price decrease to €30.

If you don't like the new profiles we automatically pick for you here, and migrate you to, then you can change your profile at any time following the migration or migrate your server yourself as outlined here and pick a profile you like.

SSD 2/5GB -> SSD Bit

Users on this profile will see the following changes:

  • 512MB More RAM
  • 20GB More SSD Disk space
  • 3 less CPU threads
  • €1 Price increase

SSD 4/25 -> SSD Bit More

Users on this profile will see the following changes:

  • 1GB More RAM
  • 25GB More SSD Disk space
  • 2 more CPU threads
  • Same price as before

SSD 8/50GB -> SSD Pro

Users on this profile will see the following changes:

  • 2GB More RAM
  • 50GB More SSD Disk space
  • 12 more CPU threads
  • Same price as before

SSD 18/120 -> SSD Pro Plus

Users on this profile will see the following changes:

  • 3GB Less RAM (for a total of 15GB)
  • 30GB More SSD Disk space
  • 17 more CPU threads
  • €4 Price decrease

You are receiving a /124 IPv6 subnet for free (16 addresses)

Due to the enhancements to our networking infrastructure, all North America customers will now receive a /124 IPv6 subnet. This means you can now start to fully access the IPv6 internet.

The physical location of your server is changing

This major infrastructure upgrade means that from today onwards all servers in North America will be placed in Montreal, Canada instead of Dallas, Texas. This has no impact on you in any practical sense. We use the same underlying co-location datacenter provider and the Montreal datacenter has much better world-class uplinks and peering.

Latency might vary infinitesimally compared to how it was, depending on your location within North America, but this will have no practical effect on your website performance.

All new servers created in North America from today onwards are on the new infrastructure

This major change is live already today and if you create a server in North America with Webdock you will be placed on our new infrastructure with all the benefits mentioned here. So give us a spin and let us know what you think!

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