About The Company

Last updated: November 10th 2022

Webdock is a privately owned company based in Odense Denmark.

We spent about 12 months building the initial version of the Webdock platform based on the philosophy that cloud hosting should be simply priced, efficient, production-ready, reliable, low-cost, highly automated and with few if any buzzwords and nonsense. 

In other words, Webdock has the simple goal of providing virtual machine hosting which makes sense to developers and web-professionals at large.

Our strategy for achieving this goal is, first:

  • We do not oversell server resources.
  • We babysit our servers and proactively ensure availabilty, this includes recommending upgrades and scaling strategies when appropriate
  • Which ensures that there is a fair and appropriate proportion of server resources available to each client
  • Whose performance should be able to scale up significantly during peak load, without affecting other virtual machines negatively
  • Sell it at a fixed price to avoid fee-fatigue and customer annoyance with messy pricing schemes.


  • Provide up-to-date and optimized production-ready webserver stacks which we keep continuously updated. Saving the discerning professional lots of time and effort.
  • Wrapped in a management panel which doesn't suck
  • Making sure clients have plenty of "works out of the box" and reliable, duplicated backups
  • While providing the automation and convenience features clients need to be productive, and nothing more.


  • Achieve this by building a hosting environment based on Linux Containers and ZFS on performant hardware which give you as close to bare-metal speeds as-is possible in a virtualized environment, ensuring we can deliver better performance at a comparably low price.

Simply put: A better, faster, cheaper and more useful VPS product for PHP and Web-Application developers globally

If you want to discuss anything business related, please be in touch via. our contact page.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Webdock.io ApS
Grønnegyden 2
5466 Asperup
VAT-ID: DK-40630015

Webdock is a Limited Liability Company registered in Denmark

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