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Last updated: September 17th 2019

Webdock is a different Cloud Hosting platform

Webdock is aimed at professionals and semi-professionals with the goal of providing an absolutely awesome and rock-solid hosting experience. We achieve this by building a hosting environment based on Linux Containers and ZFS on performant hardware which give you as close to bare-metal speeds as-is possible in a virtualized environment, ensuring we can deliver better performance at a comparably low price.

Simply put: A better, faster, cheaper and more useful VPS product for PHP and Web-Application developers globally

Scaling built in. Built to perform.

With our high limits, active balancing and lighting fast 90k+ iops SSD's, a standard Webdock instance is more than adequate to run the vast majority of your production websites. Add some clever Cloudflare caching and you can serve hundreds of thousands of visitors with just a single server. Our servers are built to perform.
Read our performance benchmark

High baseline security

We have great security by default and you can turn off components easily such as FTP using scripts in the Webdock control panel. We have multiple tiers of DDOS protection and round-the-clock in-depth monitoring of our entire infrastructure. Often we will be able to warn you of a hack as it happens.

We babysit your server. We fix things

Call it semi-managed hosting. Our support boundary includes continuously monitoring your server and notifying you if we detect any anomalous activity. We help troubleshoot configuration and fix server issues relating to our LAMP or LEMP stacks. We will even keep your server updated - contact us for custom SLA's.

Lots of free backups included

Webdock provides more backup snapshots than most. With 2 daily and 3 weekly snapshots in addition to your own 3 snapshot slots for each server, you have plenty of history to roll back to. Restoring a snapshot to a live server is snappy with minimal downtime.

Free SSL Certificates (HTTPS)

Get HTTPS security on your sites for free with Webdock using our Lets Encrypt integration. We believe it is high time SSL is free and easy to set up, and if you are paying for it, maybe it's time for a change...

Free Transactional Emailing

Webdock offers free transactional emailing with Postmark. Take advantage of bulletproof delivery and the awesome reporting of Postmark to keep track of all your outgoing mail. We pick up the bill.

Free Email Forwarding

Webdock offers free email forwarding with ForwardMX. If you don't need a fully fledged mailbox, this is a quick and easy way to start receiving emails on your domain(s).

Built for Developers

Built by Web developers, for web developers. Our pre-configured stacks are especially suited for PHP or NodeJS developers, but whether you code in Ruby, Perl, Python or something else, all are welcome.

Stop worrying about your stack and develop
  • On the cutting edge. We always have the latest stable, production ready, software versions in our stacks, and our stacks are tested in real-life production environments. Read more about our stacks.
  • Secure by default. DDOS Protected. All servers require SSH keys and your firewall is configured as it should be out of the box. Security and standards are our focus.
  • Root access. Dedicated IPv4. Provision an up-to-date production ready (fast!) LAMP or LEMP webserver with root access in seconds. All servers get a dedicated IPv4 address.
  • Performance guaranteed. With our high limits, bare-metal speeds and active balancing you can be confident that your VPS will have the power to perform.

Awesome control panel

Webdock comes with a great control panel where you can automate most common tasks. Provision a server and you have your Database, FTP and Shell access already set up for you - along with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that it is a perfect server.

Awesome servers need an awesome control panel
  • Zero configuration. For the vast majority of workflows Webdock will "just work" straight out of the box. The rest you can easily manage in our user-friendly control panel.
  • LetsEncrypt enabled by default. Quickly get your sites SSL secured for that professional (and SEO friendly!) touch.
  • Install Wordpress in a snap and secure it against most hacks with our easy-to-use Wordpress integration.
  • Set up Cron jobs, run scripts or manage shell users like a boss using our feature-rich control panel, or leverage any of the myriad of 3rd party control panels out there which best suit your workflow. We work well with Runcloud, GridPane, Laravel Forge, Serverpilot and more ...
  • We support any CMS system that runs on Linux. Tested with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5 and many more.

Agency / Business features baked-in

Webdock is in use by agencies managing hundres of servers across large teams.

Take the headache out of managing client websites
  • Team support built-in. Set up your team and keep track of everything that happens across your entire portfolio.
  • Reduce complexity. Get a birds-eye view of all servers and schedule action dates, tag what's installed, add metadata to servers and more.
  • Monitoring built-in. Want to react quickly if sites go down or have problems? Simply activate and configure Webdock server monitoring, and you can rest easy at night.
  • Organization specific URL's. By connecting to Cloudflare you can provision new staging environments on your own URL's in a snap.
  • GDPR compliant and SLA friendly. Webdock services are GDPR compliant and you can work out custom SLA's with our friendly support staff.
  • Free servers for development. Qualified business clients can get a pool of free servers for internal development. Only pay for sites that actually go live.
  • Fixed, all-inclusive pricing takes the guesswork out of reselling hosting to your clients.
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