Transferring servers and domains

Last updated: April 28th 2023

Transfer a server to somebody else on Webdock

If you want to hand over a server to another Webdock user, then this is simple: Contact support, and we will move the server from your account.

Transfer a website to Webdock

To transfer a site to Webdock, start with provisioning a new server in Webdock and then simply migrate all your data using FTP and PHPMyAdmin or whichever way you usually would move a site to a new hosting provider.

The inverse is true if you want to move your stuff away from Webdock: Dump all your data and move it to another hosting provider, then delete or archive your Webdock server.

We have written a guide which is Wordpress specific, but which is applicable to most other CMS systems and websites.

Transfer a domain to Webdock

Coming soon ...

Transfer a domain away from Webdock

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