Webdock Compatibility Guide

Last updated: October 20th 2021


Webdock is compatible with 99% of all web application software but there are a few exceptions.

Operating Systems

Webdock primarily supports Ubuntu but we have added AlmaLinux, CentOS and Debian to the allowed Operating Systems which can be installed on Webdock servers.  You cannot install Windows, or any other flavor of Linux on Webdock servers.

Incompatible Control Panels

Certain control panels will not run on a Webdock server due to one of the reasons listed on this page. For a full list of Control Panels which work, and which do not work, on Webdock, click here.

Known Issues with Docker

If your Docker application uses overlay2 as the filesystem then this is not supported on Webdock at the moment. This is due to incompatibility in some upstream kernel code which we cannot do anything about. This can also result in more disk space utilization than what you are used to as Docker defaults to using VFS as the driver.

Do not attempt to run Docker containers on Debian - There are issues with networking and other system components on Debian which cause Docker containers to be unable to reach the network. It is unknown what the core issue is at this point, but this seems to be a general issue with Debian and our environment. For now, you should run Docker on Ubuntu systems only.

You cannot use the ZFS filesystem

As your VPS is already running on ZFS underneath you cannot instantiate your own ZFS filesystem in a Webdock server. This is due to a fundamental limitation which means that nested ZFS filesystems are simply not possible.

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