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Fully Flexible VPS Servers

With Webdock you can create almost any VPS profile you want with the exact amount of RAM, Disk, CPU and Network Speed you want. You can change any hardware resource at any time, almost instantly and usually without any downtime except for a quick reboot of your server if changing CPU allocation.

Build Your Own Custom VPS Server

Awesome Control Panel. Lots Of Free Stuff.

You get more stuff for free with Webdock than anywhere else.

* Certain Free Services only included in any server profile with a price of €5.99 /mo or more

Hardware Profiles

Which Cloud VPS Should I Choose?

Each type of VPS hardware has its pros and cons. Choose a VPS type depending on your specific workload and
requirements. Please see the table below for the most important differences between our Ryzen and Xeon VPS servers.

Xeon Cloud VPS

  • Good for high-availability and multi-user workloads such as websites
  • Great multi-thread performance
  • Fast Data-center grade SSD drives
  • Redundant ECC DDR4 Memory
  • Slower DDR Memory
  • More memory pr. VPS instance
  • Enterprise grade redundant hardware
  • Air-cooled and higher power usage
  • Up to 5Gbit fiber uplink speeds
    2.15€/month View Plans
  • Use Case
  • CPU Performance
  • Storage
  • Memory ECC
  • Memory Speed
  • Memory Amount
  • Redundancy
  • Green Energy
  • Network

Ryzen Cloud VPS

  • Good for single-user or single-process CPU intensive workloads such as databases
  • Amazing single-thread performance
  • Guaranteed super-fast NVMe storage
  • Non-redundant DDR4 Memory
  • Really fast DDR4 Memory
  • Less memory pr. VPS instance
  • Consumer grade non-redundant hardware
  • Water-cooled and low power usage
  • Up to 5Gbit fiber uplink speeds
    3.99€/month View Plans

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Transparent, honest and competent support

At Webdock we pride ourselves in providing world-class support and actually solving your problems. You can be certain that if you need our help you will be met with a smile and a high level of expertize. We will do our very best to solve your problem for you outright or at the very least assist you in figuring it out, whatever it may be.

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100% Green Cloud Hosting Provider

We use 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind and sea.

Green Energy

We make sure all our electricity utilization is supplied by renewable sources such as solar, hydro or wind energy.

Green Hardware

We purchase refurbished hardware whenever possible in order to drastically lower our carbon footprint.

Green Focus

We continuously seek to find new ways of reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint by utilizing the latest technologies when possible.

Green Purpose

We are a Stripe Climate Member and we donate 1% of all our revenue to carbon removal.

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Xeon Cloud VPS Hosting FAQ

Here Webdock Support will continuously add the most frequently asked questions by our customers related to our Xeon server hosting. Usually if you have a question you will find an answer here. The questions are ranked in the order which they are most frequently asked..

Of course you get full root access We just don't enable direct login with root and a password, as that is just plain silly and insecure. It is easy to become root once logged in with your Webdock sudo user, and if you really want to you can enable root login with password auth rather easily. Connecting with SSH is as easy as using our Web SSH terminal. If you want to use your own SSH client then we have instructions for that as well. Please click here for an overview of all our SSH guides.

We have multiple tiers of DDOS protection and round-the-clock in-depth monitoring of our entire infrastructure. Often we will be able to warn you of a hack as it happens. We have great security by default and you can turn off components easily such as FTP using scripts in the Webdock control panel.

All servers get a dedicated, clean, IPv4 address as well as an IPv6 address space.

We claim we have great performance compared to other hosts, and indeed we do. We have always aimed at providing some - if not the best - performance for money in the industry. We have even gone so far as to issue a Performance Guarantee

No. Webdock only supports Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, CentOS and Debian as valid operating systems at this time. You cannot supply your own VPS image - you have to start with the OS images we provide.

Paired with our Perfect Server stacks the Webdock Control Panel is a very capable web server control panel already with all the common features you need. While the Webdock Control Panel has a lot of the same features as cPanel, it is not suitable for shared hosting (multiple websites on a single VPS) - read more about why here. If you want shared hosting or features the Webdock Control Panel does not have at the moment, we support a wide range of third party control panels. including cPanel.

We support seamless upgrading or downgrading of your server which you can do yourself from the Upgrade/Downgrade screen in Webdock. Profile changes are usually instant but may in some cases trigger a reboot of your server.

All Webdock hardware is owned by Webdock and is typically operated in co-location. This means we rent server racks from Datacenter providers directly. We also operate our own network equipment and IP blocks.

Webdock is located in Denmark and we operate hardware in co-location with Hetzner in Finland and Cologix/Servermania in Canada. Soon we will be opening up our very own datacenter in Denmark.

We are super nice when it comes to billing. All servers are free for up to 24 hours after you create them and you can delete the server at any time and you will receive an instant refund for any unused time down to the day. No lock-in, no lost pre-payments. Read more about Billing & Pricing

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