Networking in North America

Last updated: January 15th 2020

Our network infrastructure is very limited in N-America as there we lease equipment and purchase IP addresses on an ad-hoc basis. This means that Webdock is not as flexible as it is in the EU, at the moment.

Changing Hardware Profiles

As networking is inflexible in North America we do not have floating IP addresses nor as much control over neworking as in the EU. This means that in order to change hardware profiles, you can only do so in two ways:

  1. Suspend or Snapshot your existing server, then create a new server with your desired profile from the snapshot.
    - This has the obvious downside that you will receive new IP addresses
  2. If you want to switch profiles and keep your current IP address, then you need to contact Webdock support and we can do this for you. You keep your current IPv4 address and the upgrade or downgrade is transparent without downtime.

IPv6 and Reverse DNS

Our North American datacenter in Dallas Texas does not support Ipv6 connectivity at the moment. We expect full Ipv6 support to roll out sometime late 2020 in our Dallas datacenter. At this time your server will automatically receive an Ipv6 address and you will automatically gain full Ipv6 connectivity. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you need to access the Ipv6 internet from our Dalls TX location, you can in the meantime use something like Tunnelbroker.

Automatic Reverse DNS is not enabled in Dallas TX at the moment either - if you need a reverse DNS entry, please write the IP address and hostname to Webdock support and we will set up your Reverse DNS entry manually. We hope to have this automated soon.

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