How To Use Our Free BotGuard Bot Protection

Last updated: May 8th 2023


BotGuard is a website protection tool to prevent your site from malicious bots, hackers and other web threats for all of Webdock's VPS.

Deploy any of the predefined Webdock VPS with traffic protection included. Applies to any of
the Webdock VPS, being Xeon or Ryzen, running with KVM or LXD virtualization. Control your
website access using our awesome free Control Panel. No installation required.

Traffic Monitor: analyze your visitors for free

All Webdock’s users can monitor their web traffic and understand who their visitors
are for free. In order to start, simply turn on your website Traffic Monitor by pressing the
“ENABLE BOTGUARD” button in your Webdock Control Panel.

Screenshot from 2023-05-08 16-03-26.png

Then press “VIEW BOTGUARD EVENTS” to view details about your website visitors. Or press “MANAGE BOTGUARD RULES” to define your traffic management policy and rules.

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Monitor your traffic in the Webdock Control Panel. Simply click “VIEW BOTGUARD EVENTS”
and see all the logs with rich details about every request sent to your website in real time.

You can always disable traffic monitoring by pressing the “DISABLE BOTGUARD” button in
your Webdock Control Panel.

Screenshot from 2023-05-08 16-11-16.png

Why is traffic management so important?

Non-human traffic now constitutes more than 50% of all global web traffic. By not acting on a large robotic fraction among your visitors, you take a risk of:

● lowering your website position in Google search
● wasting your money with ad fraud when you advertise online
● letting your competitors to scrape and monitor your data
● having distorted analytics and hence making wrong decisions
● even having your credentials cracked and your server being hacked

By allowing this malicious traffic, you not only take your own risk, but also put at risk the
unprotected accounts of your fair human users.

Traffic Monitor is a perfect tool to help you check your own incoming traffic for malicious
visitors for free and make a reasonable decision whether to block some of them or not.

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