Load Balancing

Last updated: September 13th 2019

Load Balancing with Webdock

Webdock does not have any Load Balancing functionality baked-in at the moment. If you want Load Balancing, you will have to provision a server to act as a Load Balancer, and configure it yourself, or possibly use the Cloudflare Load Balancer feature.

We recommend the Cloudflare solution, as it is flexible and easy to set up.

You might need to think hard about session management and if / how you want to synch up data (e.g. databases and files) between servers in your pools. 

If you are a pro at loadbalancing and would like to sell your services, please be in touch. The Webdock team does not specialize in configuring/building distributed web-applications, and we get inquiries from clients regarding this from time to time so we may be able to refer you some business.

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