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  • Migrating a Wordpress site to Webdock

    …How to migrate a Wordpress site from one server to another Our frie…rom Program With Erik shows how to migrate a Wordpress website from a server to Webdock. These inst…

    Last updated: August 17th 2020

  • Unhackable Wordpress

    …g PHP code The most common hacks against Wordpress are automated. We see a lot of brute…ar plugins etc.. It is extremely rare that a Wordpress site is hacked by an actual human. Most of t…

    Last updated: September 15th 2019

  • Wordpress lockdown

    …CLI and made Webdock aware of your Wordpress installation… you can use our Wordpress Lockdown functionality to secure your Wordpr… does is set restrictive permissions on your Wordpress files…

    Last updated: September 16th 2019

  • Fixing Wordpress Redirect Issues

    …Introduction Wordpress really wants to redirect visitors to whateve…r address is set in Wordpress settings. Also…other problem you may encounter is that your Wordpress site is redirecting you to an old website ad…

    Last updated: September 15th 2019

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