Profile Upgrade and Downgrade

Last updated: May 26th 2023


A brief description of the profile change page. Here is where instant profile upgrades/downgrades happen!

Profile Change

Profile change, either an upgrade or a downgrade can be done from the "Upgrade/Downgrade" screen.

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In the Current Profile section, you will see which profile your server is currently on. And in the New Hardware Profile section, you'd see the other available profiles you can upgrade or downgrade to.

The upgrades and downgrades happen almost instantly, and the related billing details can see in the last section on the same page.

Things to note:

  • Xeon profiles can only be upgraded or downgraded to other Xeon profiles, and Ryzen profiles can be upgraded or downgraded to other Ryzen profiles only. Direct switching from a Xeon to a Ryzen profile is not possible. In order to achieve this, use our snapshot feature to create a new server with either of the profiles.
  • In the case of KVM machines, a downgrade of a profile is not possible as the disk cannot be shrunk once expanded. In this case, a new KVM server must be created and data has to be manually moved to the new server.

Billing Summary

 Here you'd see the billing details. If you opted for a profile upgrade, you'll see how much you'd be billed, and how much you'd be refunded if you opted for a downgrade.

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This mini article showed you how to upgrade/downgrade your server profile.

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