Deploying Server Scripts

Last updated: June 9th 2023


This article shows how you can deploy or run your scripts on your Webdock server.

Scripts Execution

Note: This particular screen can be visited by clicking on "Manage Server Scripts" under "Server Management" in the main server screen. This is not to be confused with the "Scripts" in the top bar.

This is how your servers' scripts screen looks like:

Screenshot from 2023-06-04 21-20-07.png

Right from this screen you can deploy any of the scripts that you have in the Webdock script library, including your own scripts. Or you can directly run a script that already exists on your server by providing its absolute path.

The "Choose a File or Script" shows your own scripts as well as that are in the library.

Screenshot from 2023-06-04 21-20-56.png

You can deploy the script and later run it by just deploying the script without checking the "Run this script now" box.

To add your own scripts to the library visit the main account area.


This article showed you how you can run or deploy your scripts on your Webdock server.

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