How to install azuracast on Webdock

Last updated: November 10th 2022


azuracast is a popular free and open-source self hosted web radio management suite. This guide shows you how to work around certain issues when installing azuracast on Webdock.


Deploy a new server with a clean  Ubuntu focal  or newer image. Make sure your server has at least 2GB of RAM (as per AzuraCast requirements). Make sure to use the fresh Ubuntu Focal image - meaning that you cannot install azuracast on a system which already has nginx installed. Azuracast MUST run on a separate server from your website server as it is running an LEMP stack (nginx stack) already.

Create new shell user and SSH to your server

Create new shell user. While creating the shell user, on the right side, enable "Passwordless Sudo" and apply the settings.

WebSSH into the webdock server.

Become root by executing:

$ sudo su -

Install azuracast

Follow their official docker installation guide:

When installing, choosing default values (answer yes to everything basically) works.

At the end of the installation, you'll see an error regarding somaxconn. Don't worry. It's expected. In the following steps we will fix the error and start the containers.

Fix the somaxxconn error

Make sure you have nano installed. If you don't have nano installed, install it by executing

# apt update; apt install nano -y;

Open the docker-compose.yaml file in /var/azuracast with nano:

# nano docker-compose.yml

In the docker-compose.yaml file, near line 92 (under redis service) find these two lines and delete them:

   net.core.somaxconn: 1024

After removing the above two lines, hit Ctrl+X and enter Y to save the file.

We are doing this as the somaxconn kernel parameter is already set to 4096 in our environment so there is no need for this setting, so it can be safely removed.

Now it's time to spin up the containers. Execute

# docker-compose up -d

That will start the azuracast containers, but this time with no errors.


Congratulations you should now have a working azuracast installation. If you have any issues, feel free to comment below or contact Webdock support.

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