How to set up Gridpane on Webdock

Last updated: November 10th 2022


Gridpane is a cloud server management panel. It helps you manage your server, and can easily turn a clean Webdock server into a Wordpress production website in a matter of clicks.


  • A fresh Webdock cloud Ubuntu Bionic (Ubuntu 18.04) instance. Gridpane doesn't support Ubuntu 20.04 yet.

Create new shell user and SSH to your server

Create new shell user. While creating the shell user, on the right side, enable "Passwordless Sudo" and apply the settings.

SSH Key Generation

Generate SSH keys using this guide.

Linking your Webdock server to Gridpane

In the Gridpane panel, head over to Your Settings from the top right drop-down where you see your account name.

Then on the left go to SSH keys and add your Public SSH Key (just paste the key here from the previous step). However, you can refer to this guide on how to add ssh keys to your Gridpane account.

After successfully adding your SSH key, go to the Servers tab and select Custom VPS.

Enter the below info and click on Create Server.

  • Name: any name you like
  • IP Address: IP address of Webdock server.
  • Datacenter: Webdock
  • Web Server: Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed (as per your requirement)
  • Database: MySQL or MariaDB (as per your requirement)

Take note of the root password Gridpane shows you and copy the command.

WebSSH into the Webdock server. Become root user by executing:

$ sudo su -

Paste the copied command into the WebSSH terminal and run it.

Final Step

Go to Gridpane panel, scroll to the bottom and click on the "key" symbol that is present in the list of active servers (the one in this guide) and tick the available SSH keys on the left and add it to the right.

Wait for about 15 minutes for the installation to complete. You can see the status on your Gridpane dashboard.


Hopefully, by now your Webdock server is linked to Gridpane. You can see the status in the Gridpane control panel.

Note: Please make sure you add necessary records to your DNS setup to point your domain to your Webdock server's IP address.

If you have any issues with the setup feel free to comment below or contact Webdock support.


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