How to set up Ploi on Webdock

Last updated: November 10th 2022


Ploi is a cloud server management panel. It helps you manage your server, do your website deployments, install a load balancer, take backups, and much more from a neat control panel.


  • A fresh Webdock cloud Ubuntu Focal (Ubuntu 20.04) or Ubuntu Bionic (Ubuntu 18.04) instance.
  • Ploi subscription.

Create new shell user and SSH to your server

Create new shell user. After creating the shell user, on the right side, enable "Passwordless Sudo" and apply the settings.

Connecting your Webdock server to Ploi

On Ploi, choose Servers from the sidebar.

Click Create Server and choose Custom Server. Then scroll down and copy the command.

WebSSH into your Webdock server.

Become root user by executing:

$ sudo su -

Now paste the Ploi command you copied and run it.

On Ploi dashboard, choose Name, enter the Webdock server's IP address, and enter 22 for SSH port.

Set the Server OS to Ubuntu 20.04/18.04, whichever you used for your Webdock server.

Depending upon your requirement choose the Server Type.

Finally, check the Install Ploi Monitoring and create the server. This will install the Ploi's monitoring tool as well on the Webdock server, which helps you know your server's resource usage.


Hopefully, now you can manage your server from the Ploi dashboard.

Note: Make sure to create an 'A' record to point your domain to the IP address of your Webdock server. Else, web apps like Wordpress won't work. However, this can also be done by providing the API key to Ploi to automatically create necessary DNS records. This can be done by going to Profile and then to Integrations and input the API keys in the respected fields. As of now, Ploi supports Cloudflare, Hetzner DNS, and Trans IP DNS only.

If you have any issues with the setup feel free to comment below or contact Webdock support.

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