How to set up Hestia on Webdock

Last updated: November 10th 2022


Hestia is a free, simple, and fast web host control panel that you can use to host websites, mail servers, and other web hosting features from a simple web interface.


  • A fresh Webdock cloud Ubuntu Focal (Ubuntu 20.04) instance.

Create a new shell user and SSH to your server

Create a new shell user. Make sure you don't select "admin" as the shell user as Hestia automatically creates admin user during installation. Also, on the right side, enable "Passwordless Sudo" and apply the settings.

Installing Hestia

WebSSH into your Webdock server.

Become root user by executing:

$ sudo su -

Fetch the installation script using:

# wget

Start the installation using the command below.

# bash --force

Note: The above command removes the admin group (if it already exists) on the server and installs all packages. To perform a custom installation, look at this page. To create a custom install command you can use this scriptline generator.

Enter the admin email address.

FQDN hostname as "hostname.domain.tld". For example, if your domain is, your hostname could be

In DNS records make sure your domain.tld and www.domain.tld point to your Webdock server's IP address.

After the installation is finished, the control panel URL and credentials are shown in the terminal. Copy them to a safe place.

After server startup, visit the control panel URL to manage your server.


That's it. The installation is complete and now you should be able to manage your server through the control panel.

If you have any issues with the setup feel free to comment below or contact Webdock support.

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