How to set up Runcloud on Webdock

Last updated: July 3rd 2023


Runcloud is a PHP cloud server management panel. It helps you manage your server, do your website deployments, and take backups and much more from a neat control panel.


  • A fresh Webdock cloud Ubuntu Focal instance.

Note: If you intend to use Runcloud's containerized deployment, spin up a KVM server instead as Docker Swarm (used by Runcloud) doesn't work on LXD servers.

Create new shell user and SSH to your server

Create new shell user. While creating the shell user, on the right side, enable "Passwordless Sudo" and apply the settings.

Connecting your Webdock Instance to Runcloud

On Runcloud, add a new server by copying the Webdock server IP address. Choose Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed, as per your requirement.

Add the server. Choose "manual installation".

WebSSH into the Webdock server .

Now switch to root user by executing:

$ sudo su -

Copy the install script (the second one) provided by Runcloud and execute it on Webdock server.

Wait for about 15 minutes for the installation to complete.

Upon completion of the installation, you will be provided MySQL credentials in the terminal. Copy them to a safe place.


After successful connection of your Webdock server with Runcloud, visit to manage your server.

If you have any issues with the setup feel free to comment below or contact Webdock support.


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